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Advanced Payments and Financial Support

If you are in financial difficulties then there is a range of financial support on offer to help you.

Advanced Payments

If you have little or no money to see you through until your first Universal Credit payment then you can apply for an advance payment by calling the Universal Credit helpline or asking for advice from your local Job Centre Plus.

You can apply for up to one full months payment of your estimated entitlement in advance. Please note though, this is a loan and not a grant, you will have to pay it back. More information can be found here.

Alternative Payment Arrangements

Alternative payment arrangements are available for those who are financially vulnerable or at risk of falling behind with their rent payments. To see whether this applies to your circumstances you can check here on the entitledto website.

Speak to your Job centre work coach to apply for an APA

Budgeting Advance

You can borrow some money to help with emergency household costs such as replacing a broken cooker or help getting a job or staying in work. This money will be repaid through your regular Universal Credit payments.

Eligibility criteria applies and how much you receive depends on your circumstances.

Speak to your Job centre work coach for more information and to apply.

Help paying your Council Tax

Council Tax Support (previously Council Tax Benefit) is not included in Universal Credit so you will need to apply to our Revenues and Benefits service separately for help paying your Council Tax bill.