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Change your payment method or bank details

Tell us your bank account details have changed or change how you make your payments using our online form.

You will need your Council Tax account reference number that can be found on your Council Tax bill to complete the form.

Change your payment method - online form

I have moved into Bromsgrove

If you are a new resident moving into Bromsgrove you will need to register for Council Tax.

Before you register you will need the following information.

  • Your new address and the date you moved in.
  • If you own or rent the property.
  • A tenancy start date or the date you purchased the property.
  • The actual date you moved into the property.
  • Bank details to set up a direct debit payment.

If you have moved into Bromsgrove tell us using our moving in form

I have moved house in Bromsgrove

If you live in Bromsgrove and have moved to another home in the district, tell us using our moving out form

I have moved out of Bromsgrove

If you are moving out of Bromsgrove and need to close your account, tell us using our moving out form