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My bin hasn't been emptied!

If you leave the correct bin at the kerbside for 7am on your collection day we will empty it more than 99.9% of the time.

We can't empty a wrong bin, a late bin, or a bin that hasn't been put out on the kerbside. Nor can we empty an overloaded bin, or a bin that contains the wrong type of waste. It's your responsibility to make sure these things are correct so we can collect your bin.

What can I put in my bin?

If we come across any of the above problems we will not be able to return and empty your bin until your next collection day, which is usually in two weeks. You will need to correct these problems so we can empty your bin on your next collection day.

Has my bin really been missed?

We collect Tuesday to Thursday, 7am to 5pm (4pm on Fridays). This means that until 5pm (4pm Fridays) we may still be on our way to you.

We do not always come at the same time. We regularly change our routes which means we will be earlier or later than 'normal'. Please don’t report a missed bin until the next day.

In addition, if you see a bin lorry go down your street, it doesn't mean you've been missed. We have to go and empty out full bin lorries several times a day. This means we will sometimes leave while emptying bins in your street. We also have other waste collection services in your area such as garden waste, which may just be passing through your street.

Sometimes we do encounter problems (like the weather) which means that we may be delayed in getting to empty your bins, you can always check our disruption page for updates.


Before you report your bin as missed, please check:

  1. That you have the right bin day
  2. Today's waste collections service status, in case of known problems
  3. That your bin was put out correctly (as explained above)
  4. You are reporting it within 48 hours as we cannot return after this time

If you have checked these things and think we have in fact missed your bin, Please click here to report it.


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