Green Recycling Bin

All the items below can go in your Green Recycling Bin.

Please rinse bottles and containers to remove food. Put items directly into green bin – loose and not in a carrier / plastic bag!

We’re keeping it simple – no need to check items for numbers or recycling symbols, if it’s listed below it can go in!

  • Paper
  • Small amounts of shredded paper in a box or envelope
  • Card
  • Plastic bottles (tops on), pots tubs & trays
  • Food tins, drinks cans & aerosols
  • Cartons (juice or food Tetra Pak style)
  • Glass bottles and jars

If it’s not on the list do not put it in your green bin.

What happens next?

Once bulked up the waste is taken by Severn Waste Services and taken to  EnviroSort, Norton junction 7 of M5. Here the materials are screened and separated from each other to be baled up and then sent onto re processors. It is at the re processors that the materials are processed and made into new items.

You can find more  about the sorting process and where items are sent here at Severn Waste

Does it all get recycled?

Unfortunately during the sorting process we find lots of items that should have not been in the green bins. This proportion of the waste must be removed to prevent the bales from being too heavily contaminated otherwise they will be useless to the re processors  Nappies, clothing, plastic bags, food waste , garden waste are amongst the most commonly found items. Everything that is removed is taken to join the grey bin waste. The waste that is removed from the recycling is on average approximately 10%. However this can vary drastically load by load. You may hear in the press that not all your recycling gets recycled. This is why it was not possible for us to send it for recycling in the first instance as it was the wrong material.

What happens at the Envirosort plant?

For a more detailed list of recyclables please take a look at the Envirosort Website.

Items that you CAN recycle

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Items that you can NOT recycle

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Items that should NOT go in any bin

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Thank you for recycling

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