Fly tipping

Fly tipping costs the Council Tax payer a considerable amount of money each year, and has a significant impact on the appearance of our District.

The Council has a dedicated enforcement officer who investigates all incidents, and is actively following up on information that might lead to a prosecution. This has resulted in several prosecutions in the last few years, and helped reduce the number of fly tips in our area, using high tech surveillance equipment, public reports, and evidence from within fly tips.

When you report a fly tip, the more information you can give us the better we will be able to take enforcement action. Please note down as much of the following as possible and remember, never put yourself at risk.

  • The exact location of the rubbish
  • How much rubbish was there and what it looked like - be as specific as you can
  • The dates and times you saw anything
  • How many people were involved and what they looked like
  • What they were doing
  • Any vehicles involved - makes, colours and registration numbers
  • Where you were when you saw the incident¬†
  • How far away from the incident you were and what kind of view you had, including the weather and light conditions

Never touch waste or disturb the site of an incident in any way. It may be dangerous, and there may be evidence that could help us prosecute the culprits.

Uploading a photograph

Please note: If you are to upload a photograph to the online form, please save the photograph to your device beforehand and please keep within 12 megabytes total size

Report fly tipping

We will treat all information you provide as confidential.

As a Local Authority we collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively. You can find out more regarding this and our privacy notices here.