Drugs Karen And Michael (1)

Key agencies and organisations are being urged to come forward to join a new forum which aims to promote a better understanding of substance misuse and its implications in Bromsgrove.

Bromsgrove District Council wants to set up a Substance Misuse Multi-Agency Forum to initially set the scene and provide key figures and data about the issues locally.

Once an understanding of the substance misuse issues facing Bromsgrove are determined then the Forum will seek to develop an action plan to address these.

Police, Public Health England, youth workers and councillors are just some of the representatives which are invited to sit round the table, but the Councils wants to hear from other bodies.

Council Leader Karen May said: “This is a cross-party approach as we all recognise that we need to work together to understand the issues facing our District, and how we can help drug-users, their friends and family to access the support they need.

“But we need key people around the table who can give us a robust understanding of what we are facing so we can target resources and solutions efficiently and effectively.”

Cllr Michael Thompson, who is leader of the Bromsgrove Labour Party and proposed the forum, said: “As councillors we work hard with the police and local residents to ensure that our communities are safe from drug misuse.

“Part of this is helping those who have become addicted to drugs to get clean. The idea came from working with drug help and youth groups.

“This is a well needed forum where youth reps, councillors, the police and other stake holders can come together to fight drugs problems.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the Forum, contact Joanne Gresham on joanne.gresham@bromsgroveandredditch.gov.uk