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As Bromsgrove District’s annual electoral canvass begins for 2019 residents are being thanked for replying and saving money.

Darren Whitney, Electoral Services Manager for Bromsgrove District Council, said: “Every year we’re required to conduct a canvass that helps keep the electoral register correct. Many people might not realise that simply replying to it saves real money.

“It’s because when people don’t reply, the council has to send out reminder letters, and even employ people to knock on doors, which means the cost goes up. Thank you for your responses, and please keep an eye out for the form when it arrives.”

Look out for your Household Enquiry Form (HEF) which will be landing on doormats across the district from Monday (July 22).

The form will list anyone already registered at the address, and explain how to reply either ‘no changes’, which you can do by text, online or over the phone, or how to add or remove people. A reply, even if it’s just ‘no changes’, is always required.

While you must be on the Electoral Register to be able to vote, the HEF is not a registration form to vote. To register to vote, go to Unregistered people are not eligible to vote in any election or referendum.

To find out more about the Electoral Register visit .