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Bromsgrove District businesses that have been affected by coronavirus restrictions are being urged to check if they are eligible and apply for business support grants.

Businesses may be eligible for a number of Government grant schemes currently in operation, depending on the local Covid-19 alert level and whether they are required by law to close.

To make it easier to apply, Bromsgrove District Council has streamlined the application process for all the schemes into a single online application form.

Cllr Karen May, Leader of Bromsgrove District Council, said: “These grants continue to be vital to our local economy, helping many district businesses that are affected by the restrictions to get through.

“Many businesses have already claimed – has yours?”

Bromsgrove District has received £3.1m in business support payments from the Government for the current period, including £1.2m for businesses that have been required to close owing to Coronavirus restrictions. These current schemes follow on from other Government support schemes that were available earlier this year.

Check business eligibility and apply here. This resource is also found via the Support section of