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Bromsgrove residents are being urged not to lose their voice on decisions that affect them by making sure their electoral registration details are up to date.

From July 13 letters our initial canvass communications will be landing on door mats as part of the annual review of the electoral register which the Council undertakes in order to keep the electoral register up to date. The annual canvass process identifies residents who aren’t registered so they can be encouraged to do so.

This is an important opportunity for residents to make sure they can take part and have their say on local decisions which will affect their everyday lives. Anyone eligible to be registered at the address will be listed on the form and if everything on the letter is correct you don’t have to do anything. If there are changes to be made, such as new residents living at the property or someone leaving the property, just follow the instructions on the letter to make the changes.

Please remember that you must ONLY respond to this letter if there is a change.

Electoral Services Manager Darren Whitney said: “With the current Coronavirus challenges we are facing, we aim to make the annual canvass process as simple as possible for residents – if the details on the letter for your property are correct, we don’t want to hear from you, if there are any changes which need to be made, then follow the online registration instructions on the first page.

“We still have a duty to keep the electoral register as accurate as possible, as part of this, we usually carry out door to door visits. We really don’t want to pay you a visit but will have to later this year, if the canvass is not complete.

“So help us update the electoral register in a simple and effective way which ensures personal contact is kept to a minimum.”

You can find out more by visiting