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Residents will be able to tune in to Bromsgrove District Council’s next full Council meeting live online.

The meeting, set for 6pm on Wednesday August 5, is being held remotely via videoconference and will be available to view as a live stream on the district council’s YouTube channel.

It follows other council committee meetings like Planning Committee and Cabinet that are already being held remotely and broadcast online as a control against the potential spread of Coronavirus.

Cllr Rod Laight, Chairman of Bromsgrove District Council, said: “It will be an honour to open the first ever remote meeting of Bromsgrove District Council. The smaller council committee meetings that have been done in this way so far have gone very well. The full council is much larger however, with many more people involved, so I hope the technology will be kind to us.”

Search on YouTube for Bromsgrove District Council to find the channel where the meeting will be broadcast. Subscribe to that channel to receive notifications on YouTube whenever other council livestreams and videos are posted.

Links to the broadcasts, and to all the council’s public meetings, are found on the council's usual ‘Meetings, minutes and agendas’ page.