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Bromsgrove residents will now have the option to join ESCAPE-Pain pain management courses throughout the whole of 2024 hosted at Bromsgrove Sport and Leisure Centre.


ESCAPE-Pain is a class for those who are living with pain associated with Arthritis and joint pain as symptoms of other conditions. There are specialised courses designed to help those who experience knee, hip, or back pain.


The classes are led by experienced professionals, Bromsgrove District Council are working with the Orthopaedic Research UK to bring these classes to the area. The course aims to help participants understand their condition and develop self-management skills, whilst using a progressive exercise programme to encourage safe and sensible exercise as part of a pain management strategy.


Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, Cllr. Shirley Webb, said: “Having access to specialist exercise classes is really important for residents who are currently living with long term pain. Having providers who understand what they are going through and are sensitive to the struggles they face is integral to creating a safe and welcoming environment.


“The sessions being free to attend is a massive added positive, removing the barriers to accessing specialist classes such as these is crucial to creating a population empowered to improve their own health and wellbeing.”


The next course will begin in February, followed by another in June. Courses are completely free to attend, they consist of twelve sessions across six weeks: Mondays at 2.15pm and Wednesdays at 3.15pm, all at Bromsgrove Sport and Leisure Centre.


ESCAPE-Pain is an evidence-based programme which has been shown to reduce pain, improve physical punction, improve the psychological consequences of pain, and reduce healthcare utilisation costs.


Bromsgrove District Council’s Sports Development department support a range of different specialist classes aiming to give residents the chance to access exercise in a way that suits their lifestyle and medical status. Recently regular Tai Chi for Heart Health classes began in Bromsgrove at Bromsgrove Methodist Centre on a Wednesday at 1pm and a Thursday at 9.45pm for £5 a session. Residents also have access to a Joint Effort class, for those with Arthritis, at Bromsgrove Sport and Leisure Centre on Wednesdays at 1pm for £4 a week.


If you wish to register your interest in the next course, simply fill out the online form here.


For more information about the range of classes we support, contact Sports Development.