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Choose Breeders Wisely for Festive Pet Presents In Bromsgrove

People considering pet presents for Christmas are being urged to buy from reputable breeders in a bid to reduce cases of animal cruelty across the County.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services Officers fear that unscrupulous dog breeders are selling popular breeds which may not be healthy or well cared for in a bid to make money. Increasing vet bills mean that the new owners are often forced to dump the dogs who are continuously ill following a rocky start in life.

Bromsgrove District Councillor Helen Jones, Deputy Chair of the WRS Board, said: “In the Summer I was horrified to hear that the bodies of two dogs had been found on the side of the road in Bromsgrove.

“Also moved by countless stories of neglected strays being picked up by our officers, I submitted a motion to Council at the last meeting, calling for a campaign to highlight the importance of buying from reputable breeders, especially around the festive period. I am delighted this motion was backed unanimously by my fellow councillors.”

The Council’s Portfolio-holder for WRS Cllr Kit Taylor added: “Animal cruelty should be a thing of the past and I urge our residents to be on the lookout for pets who are being neglected or abused and report them to the appropriate authority.”

WRS have compiled a list of things to look for when sourcing a reputable breeder including:

  • Go to a licensed breeder only
  • Make sure you see mum and, if possible, the dad of puppy
  • Make sure the pups have been seen by a vet
  • Do your homework on the breed you are looking at
  • Spend time with the puppy and the mum to make sure they are the right temperament for you and your family
  • Make sure you can afford the ongoing costs
  • Book in for puppy classes
  • Rehome a dog from your local rescue

Worcestershire’s Animal Welfare Officer Pip Griffin said: “Even after more than 30 years doing this job I am still shocked and dismayed by how cruel people can be to these loyal creatures who just want to be loved.

“It is so important to buy from a reputable breeder to ensure you get a healthy dog or, of course, rehome a dog from a local rescue.

“You should also consider the costs of looking after a dog especially vet bills which can soon mount up.

“If dog owners do find themselves overwhelmed by a new pet, please get in touch with WRS officers as soon as possible.”

The WRS team can be contacted on 01905 822799

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