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Cost of Living: a summer break without breaking the bank

Bromsgrove District Council and partner organisations have this month released a revised version of their informational cost of living leaflet, to support residents during the summer months.

In response to the growing crisis and the need for accessible support, partners have collaborated to create an updated version of the resource, which is specifically designed to help residents, particularly families, discover an array of free and low-cost activities on offer to them during the summer months.

The leaflet includes fun things to do, ways to maintain their physical and mental well-being, and access to valuable financial assistance and advice, the majority of which is available for free or at low cost (no more than £5).The leaflet will be distributed directly by the partnering agencies to their respective customers, groups, and organisations, ensuring widespread availability for all those who need it. Residents are also encouraged to share the leaflet, along with any information on available support, with friends, family, and neighbours.

Council Leader, Cllr Karen May, said: "We understand that the rising interest rates and utility bills are impacting everyone, and whilst we might not be using our central heating or turning our lights on as much, the summer brings its own challenges, particularly for families during the school holidays.“We want all our residents to know that support is available to each and every one of them, regardless of their usual benefit claims. Anyone can access the support or enjoy the activities on offer to keep their families entertained over the summer, without breaking the bank."Recognising that not everyone has easy access to digital technology, the physical leaflet serves as a lifeline for those who may be struggling or worrying. By joining forces, partners across Bromsgrove and Redditch have pooled their extensive knowledge and information, ensuring that residents have easy access to the help and support they require, all in one place.The leaflet features agencies such as BARN, bdht, Act On Energy, Age UK, libraries, and Citizen's Advice, while also highlighting the Council's own support initiatives, including Pension Credits and Council Tax support, as well as Starting Well support for families, Sports Development, HAF funded school holiday sessions and more.

Graeme Anderson, Chair of the Bromsgrove Partnership and Chief Executive of bdht, said: "We know that our residents’ priorities change over the summer, so it is important that we change with them, to provide the additional support needed. We understand that seeking help and support can be overwhelming, which is why we hope this leaflet will prove invaluable, providing enjoyment for all, as well as connecting individuals with the agencies that can best address their needs.

“There is already a wealth of information available regarding the cost of living, but we want to reassure residents that if it comes directly from us or our expert partners, it is legitimate and will undoubtedly benefit them. "

Click here to access a virtual copy of the leaflet, see a list and links to all of the activities on offer and to obtain comprehensive information regarding the cost of living and available support. Physical copies can be acquired at Customer Services at Parkside or through partner organisations.

Groups and organisations interested in distributing the leaflet to their members are encouraged to contact

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