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Council gets new look following AGM

Official duties at Bromsgrove District Council were decided at last night’s (May 24) annual council meeting, with roles given to members of different political groups.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Karen May, said: “Following the election I reached out to all groups and in the spirit of cross-party working we have now formed a Cabinet of members of both the Conservative and Independent political groups to support the delivery of services and the betterment of Bromsgrove District. As Leader I have named Cllr Sue Baxter as Deputy Leader. The council has also elected Cllr Ammar, from the Labour group, as its Chairman.”

Councillors elected Cllr Sam Ammar as Chairman of the Council, and Cllr Bakul Kumar as Deputy Chairman.

Cllr Ammar, who will choose civic charities shortly, said: “It’s a huge privilege and an honour to have been elected as Chairman of Bromsgrove District Council. I will dedicate myself to the people of Bromsgrove District and represent this great constituency as an ambassador for the council.”

Outgoing chairman Rod Laight was thanked for his service, including all his work supporting fundraising for his chosen charity, Primrose Hospice.

The council’s new-look Cabinet is made up of four Conservative members including the Leader of the Council, and three Independent group members including the Deputy Leader:

  • Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Strategic Partnerships, Cllr Karen May.
  • Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration, Cllr Sue Baxter.
  • Portfolio Holder for Finance and Enabling, Cllr Charlie Hotham.
  • Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Climate Change, Cllr Steve Colella.
  • Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing and Strategic Housing, Cllr Shirley Webb.
  • Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services and Community Safety, Cllr Peter Whittaker.
  • Portfolio Holder for Planning, Licensing and Worcestershire Regulatory Services, Cllr Kit Taylor.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Sue Baxter, said: “We have a fantastic opportunity ahead of us to work together across all political parties and groups to build a council that makes decisions democratically, builds on the work it already does to support our communities, and helps those communities prosper across the whole of Bromsgrove District.”

Councillors also approved a motion tabled by Cllr Peter McDonald to prepare a report to explore the options around transitioning the governance system of the council from its current ‘leader and cabinet’ system to a ‘committee’ system. The report is due by September.

Any change to the council’s governance system would require a vote of the full council in due course.

Pictured above

(R-L) Cllr Sam Ammar is the new Chairman of Bromsgrove District Council and Cllr Bakul Kumar is Deputy Chairman, following a vote of the council.

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