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National Spay Day Reminds Owners To Take Action

Worcestershire pet owners are reminded to look after their furry friends as National Spay Day approaches.

This year it falls on February 28 and encourages pet owners to sterilize their pets to prevent unwanted pregnancies and spiraling vet bills.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services Animal Welfare Officer Pip Griffin said: “Getting your dog or cat neutered is so important as it stops irresponsible breeding or accidental pregnancies.

“It can be really expensive if your pet has to have a caesarean section or if there are related complications.

“Unwanted pups and kittens are often dumped too putting extra pressures on animal charities and shelters which are already filled to capacity.

“With dogs there is a greater risk of escaping and straying when uncastrated as they chase after potential partners.

“With all of this in mind I am grateful for National Spay Day which acts as a reminder to us all to be a responsible pet owner.”

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