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New free parking amongst recently announced price changes

More motorists will be able to park for free in Bromsgrove town centre after changes to council parking charges were agreed.

Councillors at last week’s (Feb 21) meeting of Bromsgrove District Council voted to remove parking charges for quick stays of up to 30 minutes, after 6pm, and for blue badge holders in council car parks.

Regular parking charges increased from an average of 80p an hour to £1 after a 13-year price freeze, although the council’s unlimited-parking season tickets were frozen at £80 a quarter for qualifying car parks.

Portfolio holder for Economic Development and Deputy Leader Cllr Sue Baxter, said: “We have tried to include something for everybody in these changes, from free parking when you just need to pop to the shops, to more free parking in the evenings aimed at supporting the night-time economy, and with extra support for people with blue badges.

“We have also kept our great value season tickets frozen at just £80 a quarter and, despite the below-inflation increase to £1 an hour in general, we have ensured that Bromsgrove continues to be one of the cheapest comparable councils for parking anywhere in the area.”

Current parking charges apply until 7pm in the eight public district council car parks across Bromsgrove town centre. Those charges, set in April 2011, did not include any free parking. Outside of the new free parking, the up to 25% increase in regular charges until the earlier time of 6pm compares to a 38.8% increase in the Consumer Price Index in that time.

There will now be a formal process to amend the relevant parking orders including a consultation period before the changes can come into effect.

Parking information can be found here

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