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Only A Week Until Polling Day

It’s just over a week until residents across the borough put pen to paper to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner election on the 2nd of May 2024.

Polling Stations will be open from 7am across the district in order for residents to cast their vote. They will close at 10pm, if there is a queue at this time those who are already in the queue at 10pm will be permitted to vote.

Electoral Services Manager, Darren Whitney, said: “We are ready to welcome our residents to their local polling station on Thursday 2nd of May, and we want it to be as easy a process as possible. Please try to arrive in a good time before the polls close at 10pm and remember to bring your ID with you and have it ready to present to staff.”

The easiest way to find out where your you need to head on polling day is to check your polling card which you should have received through the post – though you do not need to bring your poll card with you in order to be permitted to vote. You can also go to and enter your postcode, this will give you directions to your polling station.

Darren added: “All residents are reminded that you need to bring a form of valid photo ID with you to the polling station in order to be allowed to vote.”

Electors may bring either a Voter Authority Certificate or an acceptable form of ID:

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