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CCTV Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Bromsgrove District Council has appointed a SPOC, Rachel Nicholls.

Contact details:

The SPOC’s role is operational for all matters relating to surveillance cameras. She supports the local authority Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) regarding compliance with Protection of Freedom Act.

A SPOC acts as the main contact point for anything related to surveillance camera systems owned by the Council, and can introduce consistent surveillance camera policies and procedures that can be applied to all systems at an operational level.

Rachel is often asked questions about CCTV here are the FAQ’s:

  • I want to see CCTV footage you may have of me. Can I?

You need to complete a subject Access Request (SAR) before we look for you on CCTV. For more information: /council/corporate/your-access-to-information/data-protection-and-information-management/request-your-personal-data.aspx

Or contact our Freedom of Information Department

  • Can I request to see footage of my friend?

You may not request footage of someone else, only yourself.

  • There is CCTV outside my house can you see inside my home?

No, our cameras have digital privacy zones which prevents anyone accidently seeing into your property. All staff are trained, DBS checked and licensed to perform their duties correctly and lawfully.

  • My car has been damaged can I see the footage?

No, but your insurance company can ask us to review footage and we can share evidential footage with them.

  • My property was burgled can you review the footage?

All crimes should be reported to the police using 101. The Police Officer investigating the case will request us to complete a review. If you know there is CCTV in the area it will be worth mentioning when you report the crime.

  • I was arrested can I see the footage?

If you are involved in a police incident the police should disclose to you any evidence that they have. We can not complete a Subject Access Request when the footage is part of a criminal investigation.

  • Why didn’t you capture the accident/incident I was involved with?

All cameras are recording 24/7. Most cameras, when not being controlled by an operator, tour 360 degrees stopping and dwell in a location for about 30 seconds then moving to the next pre-set position. If there are 10 predefined stop positions, then each location is looked for 30 seconds in a five minute period. Unfortunately, sometimes the incidents happen when the camera is facing a different direction.

  • Do the cameras see clearly at night?

Yes, unless light levels are very low CCTV is very successful at night.

  • Are cameras recording all the time?

Yes, all cameras are recorded 24/7, and footage is retained for 31 days. After this time the footage is no longer available.

  • Are the cameras being monitored 24/7?

The monitoring centre is a very busy environment with many CCTV cameras covering North Worcestershire. There are operators on duty 24/7.

  • Do the cameras record sound too?

No, there is no audio function on any of the cameras.

  • I want to put CCTV up on my property, what are the rules?

If you set up your system so it captures only images within the boundary of your private domestic property (including your garden), then the data protection laws will not apply to you. However, if your system captures images outside the boundary i.e. your neighbours property, a communal area, the street, the footpath you need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA18).

This link to the Information Commissioners website will help you:


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