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Blue Badge Disabled Parking

If you've got a Blue Badge you can get an extra hour of free parking.

Blue Badge rules

Avoid the risk of a parking fines from either us or the police by understanding these general guidelines.

Displaying your Blue Badge and clock

Make sure that:

  1. They can be clearly read from the outside of the vehicle
  2. The expiry date and serial number of your Blue Badge is facing up, so the reverse side (with the picture of the owner) is facing down
  3. The clock is next to the badge and set to the arrival time as required.

When parking in our car parks

A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if a vehicle is not parked within a marked bay.

If there are any single or double yellow lines in the car park the blue badge does not permit you to park on them.

Blue badge holders are not permitted to park in designated motorcycle bays.

When parking on the street

Blue badge holders are permitted to park for up to three hours on single and double yellow lines. (If you are causing an obstruction during the time you are parked there, the police are able to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice).

If you park a vehicle on double yellow or single yellow lines you must correctly display your blue badge and time clock. It is imperative that you display the time that you arrived on your time clock. If you fail to do so it may be a misrepresentation of how long you have been parked on the yellow lines and may lead to a Penalty Charge Notice being issued to the vehicle.

You are not allowed to park on single or double yellow lines if there are double kerb markings. The only vehicle that can park on either double or single yellow lines that have double kerb markings are the emergency services.

You are allowed to park on double or single yellow lines with a single kerb marking but only during the prescribed times. To find the prescribed times there will be on a sign in the region of the restriction.

Disabled badge holders are permitted to park in limited waiting bays without time restraint as long as the badge and clock are displayed. If the bay is reserved for disabled badge users only, please check if the nearby sign stipulates a time limit.

How to apply

You can access the Blue Badge scheme through Worcestershire County Council.

Apply for or manage a blue badge 

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