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Community Gymnastics

Come an join beginners gymnastics sessions for children of school age!

You can progress through to the British Gymnastics Award Scheme, and it's a great stepping stone through the levels at Bromsgrove Gymnastics Club.

In 2023 Bromsgrove Gymnastics Club will be co-ordinating and delivering all aspects of the community gymnastics at Meadows Parkside School.

This will result in some changes to booking where you will need to register with Bromsgrove Gymnastics Club directly by clicking here.

There is also a requirement for your child to become a member of British Gymnastics under Bromsgrove Gymnastics Club which you will need to sign up to and pay for individually by clicking here.

This terms block of sessions will take place every Monday at Meadows Parkside School, 4:45-5:45pm from Monday 9th January 2023 to Monday 27th March 2023 (11 weeks excluding Feb Half Term) and will need to be block booked and paid for at the start of term. More details can be found via the Bromsgrove Gymnastics website.

Beginner sessions

For more information contact:

Bromsgrove Gymnastics Club

Phone: 07540671196