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Each week  as part of the Home project we will have a different theme. As the first Friday in May is National Space Day, this week we’re adopting space as a creative theme for the HOME project. Explore the cosmos from your living room with the prompts and resources below.

May the fourth be with you!

This Monday fourth of May is Star Wars day and, to mark that, local artist Keith Ashford shows you how to make a rebel-style spaceship out of scrap card.

Have a look at what Sports Development Officer Gomez Vincent and his youngest recruit got up to getting creative during Space week!

Telescope Design

Once you’ve made your spaceship, why not colour in a telescope to take on your galactic voyages?

To download a copy of the below telescope click here. Then be sure to share it with us on social media using #CreativeBromsgrove

Creative Writing

Creative writing is another great way to think about the universe around us. Look outside – what does space mean to you? Imagine you’re an astronaut discovering a new planet or an alien looking down at Earth right now. Write a short (max 100 words, poetry or prose) reflective piece about what you see.

For all of these prompts, we’d love to see what you come up with via the #CreativeBromsgrove  – or if you like you can send things directly to Arts Development Officer Stewart Sanderson at

There is also some great content on the BBC website here for further inspiration.

Astronomical Society

Redditch Astronomical Society do some wonderful arts-science engagement work and have links to some fantastic space-themed resources on their website. For a lecture event due to coincide with World Piano Day on the 28th of March they had booked local pianist Matthew Doidge to perform a space-themed selection of piano music. Though this event was cancelled due to COVID-19, Matthew has very kindly recorded the music he was going to play – and his beautiful performance can be listened to by clicking here