Meet the Sports Development Team

Based at the Town Hall in Redditch, the Sports Development Team work on the delivery of projects, programme and sessions across Redditch and Bromsgrove. Here's a bit more about their roles and responsibilities.

Christopher Wells Programme Delivery Development Officer
•Coach Education
•Local Club engagement
•Volunteering programme

Chris's Favourite things include: BBQ & beer, QPR, travelling
Chris Wells
Gomez Vincent Programme Delivery Officer

Gomez's role involves:
•Disability sessions
•BME group engagement
•Community sessions
•Youth Inclusion

Gomez's Favourite things include: his dog Fudge, Cricket, watching Aston Villa
Gomez Vincent
Hayley Gwilliam Physical Activity Development Officer

Hayley's role include:
•Community Exercise Classes
•Older People's Activities
•Activity Referral
•Falls Prevention
•Couch to 5k

Hayley's Favourite things include: Cycling, gardening, cooking

Hayley Gwilliam

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