Letter - D

Data protection and information management
We keep personal information that is necessary to provide you with the services you require. Find out more here.
Dementia Wellbeing Service
Dementia Wellbeing Service brings together a number of services and activities which offer support, information and guidance.
Disability and Inclusive Activities
Inclusive exercise activities you can do at home that suit your needs.
Disability Sport
You can get involved with a lot of disability and inclusive sports opportunities in Bromsgrove District, whatever your age or level of ability.
Disabled Facilities Grants
If you're a homeowner you may be able to get help to pay for essential adaptations to your home if you or someone who lives with you has a disability.
Disclosure Log
You can find everything about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and making FOI requests here.
Dog Warden Service
Info on dogs, nuisances, licensing, pests, pollution, food & drink, health & safety, private water supplies, public health.
Doing business with the council
Here you can find many different opportunities for conducting business with the council
Dropped Kerb
A link to the Worcestershire County Dropped Kerb Service