Letter - H

H&W Fire and Rescue Service
Link to the Hereford and Worcestershire Fire and Rescue Service
Hate crime
Here are ways you can report a hate crime.
Health and Wellbeing - Worcestershire
The 'Health and Wellbeing' section of Worcestershire County Council website provides information and advice on a variety of things such as healthy eating, staying active, pregnancy, breastfeeding, mental health, falls prevention, dementia and los more.
Health Related Activities
Here you can find ways to keep active in the safety of your own home
If you live with a health condition and want to know what activity is safe to do, you can find the information here
Healthy Eating
Advice and support to help you eat well, from our partners at Redditch Borough Council.
Healthy homes that don't cost the earth
Have a home that is warm in winter, cool in summer, free from damp and mould and that keeps our planet healthy too!
Help with landlords or neighbouring properties
If you're experiencing problems with landlords or neighbouring properties we just may be able to help
Helping Rough Sleepers
StreetlLink is a website where members of the public can connect people sleeping rough with local services that can support them
Heritage and Local History
Here you can find more information on Bromsgrove's rich heritage
High Hedge Complaints
If a high hedge is affecting your ability to enjoy your property and you cannot come to an amicable solution with the hedge owner, we may be able to help as a last resort.
Highways Report an issue
Report highway issues and faults direct to Highways, Worcestershire County Council here.
Hire a football pitch
We've got ten football pitches across the district that you can hire!
Hire a venue
If you want to hire a venue for an event, we have venues in Bromsgrove and a range of parks and open spaces. Find out more here.
Home energy advice
Have a home that is warm in winter, cool in summer, free from damp and mould and that keeps our planet healthy too!
Home Options
All pages to help find a home
Home repairs
If your home is in need of repair, we may be able to help.
Home safety and security.
Problems in your home will sometimes occur - stay safer with our simple guidelines.
If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness here are details regarding the Bromsgrove District Housing Trust
Household tip and recycling centre
This is a link to Worcestershire County Council's website who manage the Recycling Centre
Housing Benefit for landlords
Here is information on the rules surrounding tenants that receive Housing Benefit.
Housing Services
Contact details for the Head of Housing Services Liz Tompkin