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Parish councils
There are 19 Parish Councils in the Bromsgrove District, which provide a variety of services and amenities, including recreation grounds, allotments, bus shelters and cemeteries
Parking - resident and visitor permits
Some roads have parking schemes to improve parking for residents and visitors. On these roads, parking is limited without a permit.
Parking fines (charges and appeals)
Pay, appeal, or find out more about parking Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) here.
Parking permits annual and quarterly
We offer annual or quarterly parking permits that make our long stay car parks even better value.
Everything you need to know about parking in Bromsgrove, from blue badges to paying and appealing parking charges.
Pavement Licences
Temporary licences to allow bars, restaurants and pubs to seat and serve customers outdoors
Permitted Development Changes: May 2019
Summary of main changes introduced by The Town and Country Planning Regulations 2019 can be found here
Permitted Development Technical Guidance: September 2019
Information relating to the publication of new technical guidance can be found here
Photo consent
This is the simple form we use so that you may consent, or provide consent for a child under 16, to take part in photography for us.
physical activity
If you live with a health condition and want to know what activity is safe to do, you can find the information here
Plan Review Update and Further Consultation
The Plan Review Update and Further Issues consultation has now closed. You can still view consultation documents on this page for information only.
Planning - view and comment on applications
You can view and comment on planning applications and related documents here
Planning Appeals
If you do not agree with a decision we have made on a planning application or enforcement matter, or if we do not make a decision within the set time limits, you can appeal
Planning Enforcement
If development is carried out without the required planning permission, or is not in accordance with the approved details, a breach of planning may have occurred and we may proceed to take formal enforcement action
Planning Permission
Normally if you wish to develop land or buildings you will have to apply to us for planning permission. You can find out about our pre-application service and fees and how to submit your application here
Planning Policies and Other Planning Information
Here are the planning policies that help to guide development in Bromsgrove District.
Planning Portal
An external link to the Planning Portal, a website with guides to everything planning related including interactive guides on conversions and conservatories
Planning Updates
Useful information and guidance relating to planning decision-making in Bromsgrove
Privacy Notice
We collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively.
You can find out all you need about the councils procurement process, rules and events and our e-tendering portal here
Property and Land sales
If you want to apply to buy a small piece of land you can find out how to apply here
Property developers
Here is key information for property developers.
Public toilets and conveniences
Here are the public toilets and conveniences that we maintain for you to use.
Trees in Open Space
Reporting Issues with trees in public open spaces