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Coronavirus/Covid 19 Updates

Bromsgrove Depot MOT and Taxi Testing

Changes have been made to the operation of MOT and Taxi/Private Hire Testing at Bromsgrove Depot in light of the ongoing disruption caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Depot Manager has advised us of the following changes:

  • We have now reduced the amount of Taxi, Public MOT and Safety checks to a maximum of 1 per day, this will be at: 10:00am only.
  • At the point of booking by Telephone only, we will advise the customer of Covid-19 guideline’s and vehicle cleanliness when presenting their vehicle. (see attached document script being used) together with the only option of new temporary designated waiting area or to leave the premises until work completed.
  • If the customer has any Covid-19 symptoms or cold/flu like symptoms then they will not be allowed an appointment.
  • Any licensed driver can present the vehicle for MOT on behalf of the owner of the vehicle if necessary as long as they do not have any of the above symptoms.
  • We need a minimum of 24 hour notice to re-arrange or cancel any appointment without being charged for the full amount. If this is done within 24 hours then the customer will be charged the full amount and will also be charged again in full to re-book the appointment to have the work done.
  • Parking is only in the designated MOT parking bay.
  • Customer will then make their way to the Garage reception and then will need to use the phone provided to call and let us know on their arrival and leave the vehicle keys next to the phone. (Customer to provide only the vehicle key and not a multitude of other keys)
  • Customer will then need to identify themselves with the confirmed booking and will be read the (attached document script) before being allowed to proceed.
  • If the customer has any of the Covid-19 or cold/flu like symptoms then the appointment will be refused and the customer will need to leave the premises immediately.
  • The customer will then have to re-book and will be charged again for the appointment accordingly, there will be no re-fund.
  • The Garage Reception is now the only Customer waiting area and no entry is permitted into the workshop area.
  • Customer can also leave the premises and then return when the vehicle is completed if does not want to wait in the Garage Reception.
  • There is no waiting in other vehicles permitted on site, the customers have to wait in Garage Reception only.
  • If the vehicle is presented in a condition that is not suitable (as per attached script) the vehicle again will be refused and booking cancelled accordingly as above.
  • Once the vehicle has been completed, all necessary documents will be left inside the vehicle and then parked in the MOT parking bay. (Vehicle key will be left by the MOT reception phone).
  • The customer will be contacted on completion and any discussions regarding the vehicle will need to be done using the MOT reception phone only.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour towards our staff.

The Depot Management may need to implement further changes in the future to keep on course with the evolving Government guidelines, and to ensure their service can safely meet those changes. We will of course keep you updated with any further changes and very much appreciate everyone’s help and support in this matter.

Please pass this information on to your fellow licence holders in any way you can.