Street trading and licenses

If you want to sell items in a street, you need a street trading license.

Licensable street trading is the selling, exposing or offering of any article for sale on or within seven metres of a public highway. This includes living things and supplying, or offering to supply, any service.

Street trading licenses will normally be issued for anywhere in the district except for Bromsgrove High Street and its immediate side roads as listed below.

We will not usually grant licences to trade in any of our car parks but if you want permission to trade on other land we own, contact our licensing team at Worcestershire Regulatory Services in the first instance.

You may also need planning permission.

When you apply

Allow at least two weeks for us to make a decision on your application. You cannot trade without a license (tacit consent never applies).

You'll also need to prove that you public liability insurance, and you may also need to supply a risk assessment.

Revocation of licenses

Street trading licenses may be revoked for non compliance with conditions, non payment, or if agencies such as Worcestershire Highways require access to your trading location.