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Key Statistics Part 2

Key Statistics Part 2

Datasets can be found below ordered by district

On the 30th June 2003, the ONS released part 2 of the Key Statistics, by releasing local area statistics. Data was released at Ward and Output area level. The Key Statistics comprise around 500 counts that cover all the main Census topics such as Ethnicity, Age, Migration, Occupation, Economic Activity etc. The Key Statistics have been designed as indicators and the data is presented in 25 simplistic tables. The Ward level data can be downloaded from the links below.

The Research & Intelligence Unit has taken the leading role in disseminating and producing reports relating to the Key Statistics. For any queries regarding the 2001 Key Statistics please contact Chris Baker, Principal Research Analyst on 01905 768333 or email


Please note: These documents are in PDF format

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KS01   Usual Resident Population (PDF 60 KB)
KS02   Age Structure (PDF 60 KB)
KS03   Living Arrangements (PDF 60 KB)
KS04   Marital Status (PDF 60 KB)
KS05   Country of Birth (PDF 60 KB)
KS06   Ethnic Group (PDF 60 KB)
KS07   Religion (PDF 60 KB)
KS08   Health and provision of unpaid care (PDF 60 KB)
KS09a Economic activity (all people) (PDF 60 KB)
KS09b Economic activity (males) (PDF 60 KB)
KS09c Economic activity (females) (PDF 60 KB)
KS10   Hours worked (PDF 60 KB)
KS11a Industry of employment (all people) (PDF 60 KB)
KS11b Industry of employment (males) (PDF 60 KB)
KS11c Industry of employment (females) (PDF 60 KB)
KS12a Occupation groups (all people) (PDF 60 KB)
KS12b Occupation groups (males) (PDF 60 KB)
KS12c Occupation groups (females) (PDF 60 KB)
KS13   Qualifications and Students (PDF 60 KB)
KS14a National Statistics Socio-Economic Classification (all people) (PDF 60 KB)
KS14b National Statistics Socio Economic Classification (males) (PDF 60 KB)
KS14c National Statistics Socio Economic Classification (females) (PDF 60 KB)
KS15   Travel to work (PDF 60 KB)
KS16   Household spaces and accommodation type (PDF 60 KB)
KS17   Cars and Vans (PDF 60 KB)
KS18   Tenure (PDF 60 KB)
KS19   Rooms, amenities, central heating and lowest floor level (PDF 60 KB)
KS20   Household composition (PDF 60 KB)
KS21   Households with Limiting long-term illnesses and dependent children (PDF 60 KB)
KS22   Lone parent households and dependent children (PDF 60 KB)
KS23   Communal establishment residents (PDF 60 KB)
KS24   Not available
KS25   Not available

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