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Paperless Communications

You can use Dotpost® to receive letters from the council digitally, instead of having paper letters delivered to your home.


How it works

Dotpost is a secure digital service by CFH Docmail Ltd. It is accessed via a web browser, free to use to receive post, and provides instant paperless delivery with 24/7 document access.

If you activate a Dotpost account with us, then instead of receiving letters from the council through the post, you will receive email notifications from Dotpost Support ( whenever new documents from us have been delivered to your Dotpost inbox.

Dotpost is not email, and it does not affect emails we send to you. For example, if you have already chosen to receive your Council Tax bills by email, that will not be affected by Dotpost.

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How to activate a Dotpost account with us

To activate a Dotpost account with the council, you need to enter a unique Dotpost activation code that you have received in a letter from from us.

You will need to enter your activation code at


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How to get an activation code from us

We will only provide our Dotpost activation codes on paper letters we post to you at your address.

Activation codes help prove that you are authorised to accept documents from the council that would be sent to an address. They are:

  • Unique to your name and address
  • A 16 character code in the format ABCD-5678-WXYZ-6543
  • Valid for 30 days.

If you don’t have an activation code and want to request that we send you one, please submit this form: Request Dotpost Activation Code.

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Some letters cannot be sent digitally for legal or practical reasons.

In these rare cases any paperless choices you have made will not apply, and the letters will be sent to you on paper.

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