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Community Heroes Award

The broader scope Privacy Notice for Bromsgrove District Council is here: Privacy Notice.

This privacy notice covers information processed for the ‘Community Heroes Award’ in more detail than the broad notice above.

Our Purpose for Processing

We only collect and use the minimum amount of personal information required to run this Award event.

In order to allow the public to nominate individuals in the community, we are relying on the consent of those nominated individuals as our legal basis.

In order to make sure we have the nominees’ consent in advance of collecting their details, the person making the nomination must indicate the nominee the nominee's consent on the nomination form.

The information we collect will be:

  • The nominee’s name
  • The nominee’s contact details, either email address or phone number. These details will not be shared beyond the Events team, and will not be published.
  • Details of why they have been nominated
  • Note that the person who is nominating does not provide any personal details

Once we have received the nomination, we will contact the nominee to confirm that they are happy for us to continue to process their nomination. If the nominee does not wish to continue, their details will be fully deleted from our systems immediately (that is, within 5 days).


We use the nominee’s information to:

  • Contact the nominee
  • Present to the panel of judges (name and details of the work they have done)
  • Publicise their win

Information sharing/recipients

The nominee’s details will be shared in the first instance with the Bromsgrove and Redditch Councils Community Safety Team, who will confirm whether the nominee wishes to proceed with the nomination. If the nominee does not wish to proceed their personal details will be deleted within 5 working days.

As long as we have the nominee’s consent, their details will be shared with a panel of judges, which will consist of Bromsgrove and Redditch Council employees and West Mercia Police.

If the nominee does not win the event, their details will be deleted within 5 working days.

If the nominee does win the event, their details will be shared on Social Media, North Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership and Bromsgrove and Redditch Council Website and the local press. Photos taken with consent, will be shared with an outline of why they have been nominated.)

Legal basis for processing

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, the lawful basis we rely on for using your personal information is consent.

How long we will keep your personal information?

We will only use your personal information whilst the event is ongoing. Once the event is over, your information will be deleted from the council system within 5 working days. The winner’s names will remain on the website for one year. The Council is not able to remove the information from the local press.

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