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Community Governance Review 2014 timetable

Here is the Community Governance Review 2014 timetable.


What happens?



Terms of Reference are published

Tuesday 1 October 2014

Preliminary stage

Promotion of public consultation

One month

Tuesday 1 October to Thursday 31 October 2014

Stage one

Initial Submissions are invited

Three months

Friday 1 November 2014 to Friday 30 January 2015

Stage two

Consideration of submissions received – Draft Recommendations are prepared

Two months

Monday 2 February to Tuesday 31 March 2015

Stage three

Draft Recommendations are published. Public response invited

Three months

Wednesday 1 April to Tuesday 30 June 2015

Stage four

Considerations of submissions received – final recommendations are prepared

Two months

Wednesday 1 July to Friday 28 August 2015

Stage five

Final recommendations are published – concluding review

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Stage six

Electoral Matters Committee resolves to make a Reorganisation Order

One month later

Tuesday 6 October 2015 (provisional date)

Stage seven

Report outcome to Full Council

18 November 2015 (provisional date)