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Elections Staff

Thank you for visiting our elections staff webpage. Here we will post useful documents which you will need to read once you've been appointed into a position. This page will be frequently updated so please do check back in the run up to polling day. 

The Electoral Commission have updated their quick guide and polling station handbook to include the requirements for voters having to provide photographic ID at the polling station. There will be copies in your stationery but electronic versions are available below:

Quick Guide for Polling Staff

Polling Station Handbook

A list of the valid forms of photo ID can viewed here.

Although the handbook contains a number of examples of ID a comprehensive list of EU travel documents can be found on the following website:

Council of the European Union - PRADO - Home (

Polling Staff are not expected to be experts on photo ID but the above website will give you an idea of the wide availability of different forms of travel ID. We will explain more at the briefings but expect Presiding Officers to take a pragmatic view on ID being produced.

As used in 2023 Ballot Paper Refusal List (BPRL) and the Voter Identification Evaluation Form (VIDEF) examples are shown below,

For May 2024 we have the introduction of the new Postal Vote Handling Form which is required for all Postal Votes handed in at a station, the form can also be found below; 



Postal Vote Handling Form

We have updated our close of poll instructions in accordance with this:

Close of Poll Instructions May 2024

Section 66 in the polling station remains the same:

Secrecy of the Poll

The MEA guide remains the same:

MEA Users Guide

Someone not at the right polling station?

You will find help here

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