Bromsgrove District Plan Review

District Plan Review Update and Call for Sites Consultation - Autumn 2019

This consultation has now ended and the Call for Sites has been closed 

The Council is in the process of reviewing the Bromsgrove District Plan. The purpose of this consultation is to provide an update on the key strategic Issues which will help guide the Bromsgrove District Plan (BDP) Review and outline the next steps towards developing a preferred spatial strategy and accompanying policies.

We are seeking views on a number of considerations which will guide the direction of travel for strategic issues which could appear in the Preferred Option version of the BDP Review, providing the next ‘step’ in the plan making process.

What do we want to know from you?

  • Is the broad direction of travel as articulated the correct high level approach?
  • If not, what else should be considered or included?
  • Are there any strategic issues that we may have missed?
  • Are there any other pieces of evidence that you feel the Council will need?

Call for Sites

Alongside the District Plan Review Update, the Council is launching a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise, where we are inviting landowners, their agents and the public to submit sites to us which they feel have development potential. To guide this process, we have produced a Call for Sites form and a table of Identified Considerations. These considerations provide guidance to developers and landowners on some of the factors and constraints we will be using when assessing all submitted sites.

Green Belt Purposes Assessment

Bromsgrove District Council has completed a Green Belt Purposes Part One Assessment, which is a strategic assessment of the Bromsgrove Green Belt against the Green Belt Purposes.

This document is the first stage in a wider process of Green Belt and site allocation work. This document does not, and is not intended to, justify the release of land from the Green Belt and it does not consider the development potential of land. It is purely intended to establish a baseline of how the Green Belt currently performs and is a starting point for more detailed site assessment and Green Belt assessment work to follow.

Bromsgrove Employment Land Need Analysis

The District Council has commissioned 'Aecom' to develop a series of employment land need scenarios to help inform the consideration of jobs growth and employment land provision within the District Plan Review. Further information is available here.

Below is an indicative timetable for the district plan review production over the next 3 years, please note this has no formal endorsement from the Council at this stage.

Plan Making Stage 


BDP Review Update Consultation / Call For Sites

September 30th - November 11th 2019

Preferred Option

January / February 2021


October / November 2021


January 2022

Examination in Public

April 2022

Inspectors Report

August 2022


November 2022

Call for Sites Form

This consultation has now ended and the Call for Sites has been closed

BDP Review - Call for Sites Form

BDP Review - Table of Identified Considerations

Plan Review Consultation Documents and Response Form

This consultation has now ended and the Call for Sites has been closed

BDP Review Update Consultation Paper

BDP Review Update Consultation Response Form

BDP Review Update - Sustainability Appraisal Addendum

BDP Review Issues & Options Consultation Responses

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the consultation then please contact the Strategic Planning Team

Submission Deadline

The consultation will run for 6 weeks from 30th September until 11th November 2019. You can also view reference copies of the consultation documents at the following locations during the six week consultation period:

  • Alvechurch Library, Birmingham Road, Alvechurch, B48 7TA
  • Bromsgrove Library and Parkside Customer Service Centre, Parkside, Market Street, B61 8DA
  • Barnt Green Parish Council, 80 Hewell Road, Barnt Green, B45 8NF
  • Catshill Library, The Community Room, Catshill Middle School, Meadow Road, B61 0JW
  • Hagley Library, Worcester Road, Hagley, DY9 0NW
  • Redditch Town Hall, Walter Stranz Square, Redditch, B98 8AH
  • Rubery Library, 7 Library Way, Rubery, B45 9JS
  • Wythall Library, Woodrush Community Hub, Shawhurst lane, Hollywood, B47 5PD