Bromsgrove District Plan Review

The Council is reviewing the Bromsgrove District Plan.  The District Plan will provide a long term vision and strategy to meet the future needs for homes and employment across the District.

We can now advise that the next consultation stage of the Bromsgrove Plan review is scheduled to be taking place in Autumn 2019. Members will be considering the consultation documents at the Cabinet meeting on the 4th September, and the Council meeting on the 25th September.

It is envisaged that the consultation will consist of the call for potential development sites, alongside a further issues document which builds on the issues and options consultation from 2018.

Prior to the autumn consultation, in the spring/summer of 2019 in order to help inform submissions as part of the call for sites process, officers will also publish revised draft methodologies for the Green Belt Purposes Assessment, and the Site Selection Process.

A more detailed timetable (Local Development Scheme) which outlines all the phases for plan production will also be considered by Members on the 10th July