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Council Tax Support Fund

For the financial year 2023/2024, the government will be distributing £100 million of new grant funding for local authorities to support economically vulnerable households with council tax payments, in recognition of the impact of rising bills.

The government expects local authorities to use most of the funding to reduce council tax bills for current working age and pension age council tax support (CTS) claimants by up to £25.

Where a taxpayer's liability for 2023-24 is, following the application of council tax support, less than £25, liability would be reduced to nil.

Where a taxpayer's liability for 2023-24 is nil, no further credit to the council tax bill will be available.

You do not need to make a claim for this fund. If a resident claims CTS, this additional fund will automatically reduce their 2023/2024 council tax bill.

The council tax support fund will show under the heading "How your bill is worked out" on your 2023/2024 council tax bill.

Discretionary Council Tax Support Fund

It is for the local authority to decide how to support economically vulnerable households eligible for council tax support 2023/2024.

Where there are funds left over after applying the reductions as above, Bromsgrove District Council will use the funds as part of the Council Tax Hardship Scheme, which assists low-income taxpayers facing exceptional financial hardship.

For more information, please see our Council Tax Support Fund Policy.