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Evidence upload

*Important information*
Supporting evidence for a new Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit claim can now be uploaded as part of our new claim form so you no longer need to send this separately.
Supporting evidence for a change in circumstances can now be uploaded as part of our change in circumstances form so you no longer need to send this separately.

Using our evidence upload form

Please use our evidence upload form to send us:

  • Evidence for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) application
  • Evidence for Council Tax Hardship (CTH) application.
  • Evidence to assess for underlying entitlement after an overpayment.
  • Bank statement(s) for Essential Living Fund application.
  • Evidence requested by a benefit officer.
  • Additional evidence not available at the time of application or when circumstances changed.

Please ensure that you read the following before completing our online form

  • You can upload scanned documents and digital photos to support applications for Discretionary Housing Payment, Council Tax Hardship or an underlying entitlement for a period you have been overpaid.
  • You can use a tablet or a smart phone to take digital photos of your evidence.
  • Please take care that all images you send are clear to read. If we cannot read your documents we may have to contact you and ask for the evidence to be sent again. This could delay us processing your claim or change.

We will only accept the following files as attachments.

  • Images (jpeg, gif, png, tif)
  • PDF files
  • TXT files

Max upload 15MB for all files combined

  • If you need to send us more than 5 documents submit the first 5 documents then use this page again to upload 5 more.
  • Please do not send us any password protected documents as we will not be able to use or see them.
  • We advise logging into the password protected document, taking a photo or screen shot of the information, then uploading this as an image in the file formats above.
  • Please note we no longer accept emails with attachments

As a Local Authority we collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively. You can find out more regarding this and our privacy notice here.

No Passworded Documents Please

Please upload your evidence