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DHP Application form

To apply for a DHP please complete in full the form below. Any supporting evidence you need to send us to support your application can be uploaded in Section 3 of the form.

If you need to send us any other evidence after submitting the application you can send it later at our evidence upload page.

Please tell us details about you and your household


  • I declare, if this form has been filled in by someone else one my behalf, I have given them my permission to do this and that I have read the information entered on my behalf or have has it read back to be.
  • I declare the details given on the form are true and complete.
  • I understand that if I give information that is untrue or incomplete you may take action against me.
  • I understand you may check the information I have given in accordance with your privacy notice. (Please see our privacy notice below for how we may use the information you have provided).