Frequently asked questions regarding your waste collection

My bin has not been emptied

Our crews collect:

  • 7am - 5pm           Tuesday to Thursday  
  • 7am – 4pm          Friday

Please leave your bin out until collection has taken place.

If you haven’t had your bin emptied at the normal time, please don’t report it to us until the next day as the crew may well be on its way to you.

Why won’t you return to empty my bin?

We will only return to empty genuine missed bins.

It is very costly to send a collection vehicle to a property which may be some distance from our depot in Aston Fields, Bromsgrove. We must weigh up the cost of sending out the vehicle against the option of asking residents to store waste until the next scheduled collection. Particularly in the case of green bins where recycling is clean and does not smell, this may be the most sensible thing to do.

Can I get a refund if my bin is not emptied?

Black & Green bin: No, Council Tax is a tax and therefore is not a payment for service; therefore, we do not give refunds in situations of service failure.

Your Council Tax payment contributes to fund a wide variety of services including Police, Fire Service, Highways, Schools, Environmental Health, Environmental Service and Leisure Facilities. It is not a payment for waste collection.

Brown Bin: Where there is service failure, as this is a separate chargeable service, we will aim to offer the full 20 collections and this may be on alternative dates from those originally stated. In this instance, contact us for details.

How do you know if my bin was missed or not?

All our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices and cameras for the crews safety and for monitoring purposes. We can check on our vehicles at any given time in the day and we know what time they were outside your house.

We can also download these images at our discretion from the cameras in the case of accidents and incidents.

You are not returning to empty my bin until next week what am I supposed to do with the waste?

Black bin: Ensure this is tied up in black sacks. Double bag any potentially offensive or smelly waste (food, nappies etc.) and where possible store inside the bin with the lid closed. If you cannot fit this inside your bin try to store undercover in a shed, garage or similar. Present additional sacks for next collection only if advised.

Green bin: You recycling should all be clean and free from any food stuffs so will not pose any issue with smells. Cans, plastic and glass can be kept outside but paper and cardboard should be kept dry.

You can present any additional recycling that won’t fit in your green bin in a cardboard box that can be collected next time we visit.

Brown Bin: As a chargeable service we will aim to offer the full set of 20 collections in the year of subscription, and to advise you of any changes to collection dates. Where there has been service failure please contact us for advice. All garden waste must be contained in a brown bin for collections.  

Do you collect bins in bad weather?

We aim to operate every week despite the weather, however when conditions are particularly severe, we may have to suspend the service at short notice. We will use our website and social media to update customers of any disruption to service.

Help, there are maggots in my bin!

If flies are able to get into your bin they will lay eggs and these will turn into maggots and hatch into new flies. There are a few simple things you can do to prevent this:

  • Ensure your food waste in the home is not left out on surfaces
  • Double bag particularly smelly food waste
  • Try not to tear rubbish bags as they go in the bin
  • Don’t throw rubbish loose into your black bin
  • Give your bin (house bin and wheeled bin) regular rinses with bleach or disinfectant to remove residues

Help, how do I remove the maggots from my bin?

  • Remove all the bags – double bag these bags
  • Rinse out the bin with boiling water and disinfectant or bleach (take care not to splash yourself)
  • Scrape out all the maggots with a broom and tie up tightly into a black sack.
  • Focus on removing build-up of residues from the bin as this is where eggs often hide
  • Let the bin dry out and replace the bags
  • Remember to routinely give your bin a rinse

I have just seen 3 collection vehicles in my street, is this normal?

This may be possible as our crews do work in the same general area on each given day, where crews require assistance; others may be drafted in from nearby to provide support.  

Our recyclable, general and garden waste must all be collected separately and therefore we must dispatch separate vehicles to collect each type of waste.

What happens over Bank Holidays to bin collection?

  • Monday Bank Holidays: we do not have any scheduled household collections on a Monday
  • Good Friday: collections take place as normal
  • Christmas & New Year: we aim to cause as little disruption as possible by moving only the collections that fall on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Please see our website for details.

How do I find out about service changes?

We use our website, Facebook and twitter to inform residents of any immediate or unexpected changes and ask that wherever possible they inform friends, relatives and neighbours who might not have access to this.

If we are aware of ongoing issues or planned service changes (e.g. over  Christmas) we place adverts in a variety of publications including free newspapers, Better Bromsgrove Magazine, local newsletters, Churches, Children’s centres and parish council publications.

If you are aware of any other local publication that would like to host such messages please let us know!