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Parking permits conditions of use

  1. There is a non-refundable charge of £40 a year for a residents parking permit
  2. A total of two permits may be granted for each property, one vehicle permit and one visitor permit
  3. A vehicle registration document and proof of residency is required for the issue of a vehicle permit. If a visitor permit is required, proof of residency will need to be provided
  4. The vehicle permit holder must be the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle for which the permit is issued
  5. The permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available
  6. The permit must be affixed to the front windscreen of the vehicle, so that the information on it is clearly visible when viewed from the front of the vehicle
  7. The loss or destruction of a permit must be reported promptly to Parking Services. An administration charge of £10 shall be made for a duplicate permit
  8. The permit must be returned immediately if the holder ceases to reside at the property for where the permit was issued
  9. The permit must be returned immediately if the permit holder ceases to be the owner of the vehicle in respect of which the permit was issued. A replacement permit will be provided for a replacement vehicle
  10. The permit is issued for a period of twelve months only and responsibility for the renewal of the permit (if applicable) rests with the permit holder.