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Parking safety and restrictions

We work hard to ensure our streets and car parks are a safe and secure environment. We patrol regularly, our car parks are covered by our CCTV, and both of Bromsgrove's pay on foot car parks are Safer Parking award-winners.

Don't be a victim

  1. Ensure you've locked your car
  2. Don't leave valuable items on display
  3. Remove removable stereos
  4. Engage steering locks, alarms or immobilisers
  5. Use locking wheel nuts on expensive alloy wheels
  6. Leaving your car overnight? Use a well-lit space.

Dogs die in hot cars

Please do not leave dogs in your car as you may be committing a crime, and we may have to call the police or RSPCA to release the dog.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is parked in accordance with the parking regulations - here's more information.

Parking documents and information

Here are documents and information on parking in the district:

  1. Park Right civil parking enforcement leaflet
  2. Our full parking charter
  3. Off Street Parking Places Order 2019
  4. Off Street Parking Places Order 2019 – Schedule 1
  5. Off Street Parking Places Order 2019 – Schedule 2

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