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Adopt an Area

Volunteers can now Adopt an Area in Bromsgrove District.

You might want to adopt your street or part of it, a park, or a path you regularly use.

Anyone committed to actively tackling litter can take part and volunteer to get involved and care for their local environment - and encourage a sense of civic pride too, as volunteering for this scheme will help to complement and enhance the council's ongoing cleansing and grounds maintenance.  Please ensure you follow all current Covid 19 guidance when out litter picking.

How It Works

  1. You choose the area you want to 'adopt', and when you want to volunteer, and then register below.
  2. We will contact you and help you by providing litter picking sticks, sacks, and basic written health and safety guidance.  You can download a copy of that guidance here.
  3. You can then either dispose of the litter in your own domestic grey bin or for larger quantities we can arrange to collect it.

Register here

Adopt an Area

Register here

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