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Bromsgrove residents are being urged to act on information coming through their letterboxes this week.

The letters are a part of the national Annual Canvass which aims to make sure UK residents are registered.

The Council is sending out Household Enquiry Forms to each household locally and are urging residents to update and verify their details as soon as possible to protect the public purse.

Electoral Services Manager Darren Whitney said: “If we have to chase people with reminders it costs the Council time and money which could be spent in other areas which are important to our residents.

And it’s easier than ever to do this – via text, online, phone – and of course by post.”

Being on the register means you can take part in democracy and have your say. Don’t lose your voice!

Darren added: “A referendum or national election can be called at short notice so it means you don’t have to worry about being on the Register. Being registered can also impact your credit rating significantly.

“It only takes a few moments – please take action!”

You can find out more here.