Burcot Lane Council House

Homes England are helping local authorities to speed up housing delivery through a new £450 million Accelerated Construction Programme, announced by the Ministry for Housing and Communities in July.

A site at Burcot Lane in Bromsgrove has already been identified and preliminary work is underway between Homes England and Bromsgrove District Council to assess viability and discuss next steps for the land.

The programme will allow housing schemes to be constructed much more quickly, using innovative construction methods and a wider range of builders, in particular small and medium sized companies that are often locally-based.

Stephen Kinsella, Executive Director for Land at Homes England, said: “We’re supporting ambitious local authorities to develop their land more quickly to get more homes built for local people. Meeting the demand for housing requires different approaches and our funding will see local partners using new technology and working with builders of all sizes to improve the local housing market.”    

Leader of Bromsgrove District Council Cllr Geoff Denaro said: “We are absolutely delighted with the progress of our submission under the Local Authority Accelerated Construction Programme.
“We are really focused on providing a great scheme in partnership with Homes England in the development of this site for housing, at an accelerated rate of delivery, using modern methods of construction and appealing to a wider number of developers. Trying to rebalance our housing market is a major priority for the council and confirmation of an award could be a huge boost to our plans for delivery.”

Modern Methods of Construction and innovation can speed up the pace of building and deliver high-quality, energy efficient, manufacturing led homes. In addition supporting small and medium sized builders will enable them to grow and deliver regionally and invest in a new workforce.
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