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Bromsgrove District Council are excited to announce that they are now working with Altered Images to get more residents feeling fitter and healthier.

The council are bringing the Healthy Horizons programme to more gyms in Bromsgrove District with Altered Images, Bromsgrove the latest to sign up.

The Healthy Horizons programme is for anyone with a stable health condition who wants to improve their health and fitness. Eligible residents can be enrolled onto the six week scheme for just £17 which includes gym membership as well as an exercise prescription and the opportunity to meet with a dedicated trainer during the course to discuss any concerns and monitor progress.

At Altered Images there are now two qualified Healthy Horizons instructors who can get residents started on their fitness journey.

Hayley Gwilliam, Physical Activity Development Officer, said: “The Healthy Horizons programme is great because it gives people living with health conditions the kick start they need to live a healthier lifestyle. We’re really pleased to have joined forces with Altered Images to try and make this programme as accessible as possible.”

The Healthy Horizons programme is designed to help residents who are overweight have Asthma, back pain, varicose veins, mild depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, poor mobility and/or high cholesterol.

Bromsgrove District Council have paid for half the cost of the training which the instructors received from the HFE (Health and Fitness Education).

The council are now working in partnership with BSLC, Altered Images and Rush Active Gym in Wythall to deliver Healthy Horizons across the district.

If you are interested in being referred to the course call Hayley on 01527 881404 or email hayley.gwilliam@bromsgroveandredditch.gov.uk