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A stretch of the Spadesbourne Brook in Bromsgrove is to be improved, to boost biodiversity and reduce flood risk.

The works are due to take place later this year around the footpath that connects Blackmore Lane and Shenstone Close with School Drive, near to Artrix and North Bromsgrove High School.

Several small pools are to be added in the wooded area, which is part of the West Mercia Police headquarters, to hold rain and flood water and also provide better habitats for Bromsgrove’s populations of endangered water voles.

A small weir in the brook will also be fitted with a rock ramp fishway, to improve fish passage along the brook, and a small ditch will be dug alongside the footpath to capture more excess water.

At the end of the works pollinator-friendly native wetland plants and wildflowers will be put in place, with residents invited to take part in a community planting day. A date for that will be confirmed soon – keep an eye on your local news and Bromsgrove District Council’s social media accounts for updates.

Bromsgrove District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services Cllr Margaret Sherrey said: “By working together, our partnership of agencies and the local community can make a big improvement to the brook here, and create space not only for water when it rains but also for local wildlife. There’s a community planting day set for the end of the project, so look out for news of that if you want to take part and help improve this part of Bromsgrove.”

The works are a partnership project by the district council, Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (bdht), and the West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner John Campion (PCC), led by the North Worcestershire Water Management (NWWM) team for the district council.

They’ve been funded by £1,500 each from the PCC and bdht, and up to £3,400 from the European Structural and Investment Fund, administered by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and Worcestershire County Council as part of the Natural Networks programme. You can find out more about that programme at www.worcestershire.gov.uk/naturalnetworks, and about the Regional Development Fund at https://www.gov.uk/european-growth-funding.

For more information about this project please contact Fiona McIntosh, Senior Water Management Officer at NWWM, on 01562 732567.

Pictured above: Fish will be able to get past this weir more easily with a new rock ramp fishway.

New pools in the wooded area will capture water during periods of heavy flow:

B19067 Brook Works Target Flood Risk And Biodiversity 1

A ditch will help reduce flooding near the brook, and the area will be planted:

B19067 Brook Works Target Flood Risk And Biodiversity 3