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Around 300 possible development sites, have been submitted to Bromsgrove District Council as part of a planning review

The sites, of varying sizes, have now been logged by the Council and the list can be viewed on the Council’s website. The majority of these sites had already been submitted to the Council and previously published online.

Officers will now assess these sites against a range of, social, economic and environmental factors. With a large number of sites submitted this will take a considerable period of time.

Cllr Adam Kent, whose portfolio covers the Local Plan Review, said: “At this stage no assessment of these sites has been carried out by the Council so inclusion in this list does not mean that these sites will be developed or indeed even have potential for sustainable development.

“All it means is that they have been stated as available for development by landowners or site promoters. As expected far more sites have been submitted than will likely be required”

Once the initial assessment process has been undertaken a full public consultation will be carried out on a draft plan which will include a preferred option of the chosen sites. A revised timetable for the plan review will be published in due course.

Council Leader Karen May added: “Whilst this is a large number of sites there is no suggestion at this stage that all of these sites will be needed but neither have they been earmarked for anything else. We will continue to consider all responses when we carryout public consultation on the draft plan".

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