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NEW Lifeline is reminding residents in Bromsgrove District that as a vital, frontline community service they are here to help families struggling with isolation.

The NEW Lifeline Community Alarm works 24/7, 365 days a year to support people who may be elderly, living alone or isolated, living with a disability or a serious health problem by linking their home directly to a high-tech monitoring centre that is always staffed by care experts.

As well as the familiar pendant buttons and special Lifeline phones, some people also take advantage of extra facilities like linked up smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or key safes. Lifeline will also make reassurance calls to Lifeline service users who are worried about being alone and assist people to access the help they need.
The Council is making arrangements to ensure that there are no disruptions to NEW Lifeline, giving residents already using the service and those who may want it during self-isolation, one less thing to worry about.

One such arrangement will be the ability to redeploy staff from other departments to cover this frontline service if they are needed.

Judith Willis, Head of Community and Housing Services said: “We are ready and able to give more families, with vulnerable or elderly relatives in isolation, the peace of mind and security they need. We are redeploying staff from right across the council to ensure that this crucial service continues throughout the Covid-19 crisis.
“There are uncertain and stressful times ahead for everyone and being unable to get to or contact a loved one doesn’t help, but we can. We will send our engineers out to set up any households where it is safe to do so and you can be reassured in the knowledge that we’ll be there to help your relatives should they need us.”

NEW Lifeline is accredited by the Telecare Services Association Code of Practice and will follow all health and safety procedures to ensure you are safe at home.
For more information about the service press here or contact the team.