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Dog owners in Worcestershire are being urged to make sure their pets’ vaccinations are kept up to date after a stray who had been neglected, sadly died.

Bianca, a terrier was picked up from the Bromsgrove area, in June, by Worcestershire Regulatory Officers, with itchy red skin from mange and then she contracted Parvo.

Despite having top notch treatment from the Council-funded vets, Bianca passed over the Rainbow bridge last week.

WRS Animal Welfare Officer, Pip Singleton, said: “This poor little girl did not deserve the hand she had been dealt and all because her owners did not take her to the vets or keep up with vaccinations.

“During lockdown more, as more people worked from home, they have gotten dogs and I am worried that as we approach freedom day, the novelty will have worn off as new owners discover what a responsibility having a pet can be, not to mention the costs.

“Before you get a dog please talk to us and if you have a pet and you are finding it all too much, let us know before it becomes too late and another little mite suffers unnecessarily.

“Finally, there’s lots of lovely dogs who need a home - remember to adopt, don’t shop!”

If you would like to talk to an Animal Welfare Officer about getting a pet and what it entails, or if you are struggling, please call 01905 822799.