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Age UK revealed as new civic charity

Age UK has been chosen as this year’s civic charity by Chairman of Bromsgrove District Council Cllr Sam Ammar.

Cllr Ammar made the announcement at the charity’s Bromsgrove Men in Sheds event in Stoke Prior on Friday (June 30).

She said: “While asking people to go out to vote on the 4th May I came across a man, John, who shared with me his profound upset over the recent loss of his wife.

“Putting the election to one side, I decided to hear more about his wife, and his deep love for her over many decades left a lasting impression on me. I knew he must feel severe pain and loneliness after losing her and I said that I would pop round and see him for a coffee - which I did.

“When I was elected as Chairman of the council and asked to choose a charity, I knew immediately that I wanted to support a charity that gives joy and help to people like John. I went back to John’s house and informed him of my intentions, before approaching Age UK to start the ball rolling.

“Age UK has many programs that support the elderly, including their brilliant Men in Sheds initiative. Men who have lost a loved one or have retired and need to fill the void can come to the shed and make woodworks that are sold in the Age UK charity shops. The men joke that at 12pm all the work stops and over a coffee and biscuits they put the world to rights! It is a brilliant initiative, and I am very thankful to the people at Age UK who help the elderly through difficult situations.

“It is very impactful charity and I look forward to helping to raise funds for them at civic events all across the district this year, with the support of my colleagues in the council chamber.”

Age UK Bromsgrove, Redditch and Wyre Forest is an independent local charity that supports local older people, their families and carers. For more information about their services and more, visit or call 01527 570490.

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