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Book an event in our Public Open Spaces

Parks and Open Spaces

If you want to plan and run an event on council land we can support you to do this safely.

We will make it as easy, accessible and enjoyable as possible for you while ensuring that your event does not cause any undue risks to public safety or impact on the community

The following locations and spaces are available for hire


  • Sanders Park
  • Recreation Ground (Town Centre)
  • The Birdbox (Town Centre)
  • St Chads Park, Rubery
  • Bromsgrove Town Centre other locations
  • Other event locations to be reviewed on an individual basis


  • Arrow Valley Country Park
  • Morton Stanley Park
  • Town Centre Bandstand
  • The Canopies (Under Cover market Area) next to the town hall
  • Other event locations to be reviewed on an individual basis

Information for events on non-council land/locations

If you are seeking information or advice for managing your own event on private land you can read through the following information which provides useful links to National, Local, advice and guidance.

  • Please ensure you seek the land-owners permission before you consider or start organising your event.
  • The Council only accepts and processes applications for events on Council owned land.

Tips before you start organising an event

  1. Read through the information on these pages carefully before you do anything else
  2. Avoid delays by making sure Expression of Interest and following Full Application Forms (this will be sent out following approval of the initial expression of interest) are fully completed and signed within the notice period required.
  3. Always get any necessary permissions and authorisation in writing before you advertise your event.
  4. Do not arrange any entertainment, stall holders and other providers until you have been given the green light
  5. Do you need to close a road?  If so, you can find the information you need and how to to apply here for Bromsgrove and here for Redditch


When booking council land for your event, please ensure all information and evidence is provided appropriate to the size of your event as requested in the application.

 Event Application Guidance

Event application and Guidance can be found here

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