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Dead dog duo dumped "like rubbish"

The bodies of two dogs, “abandoned like rubbish’ were found in Bromsgrove.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services Animal Welfare Officer Pip Griffin says there seems to be no reason why the two lurchers, she has named Ashley and Laura, would have died as they were well fed and there were no open wounds.

The pair were found in a layby and were probably dead around three days. The male is rough-coated and the female has a distinctive docked tail.

Pip said: “I often think I have seen it all but then we discover something like this which absolutely horrifies me and makes me question who could do such a wicked thing?

“These beautiful creatures were abandoned like rubbish for seemingly no reason at all. It is a dreadful waste of two lovely dogs.

“If anyone recognises these dogs please get in touch because we want to do all we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

The dogs were discovered this month. If you have information relating to these dogs please contact Worcestershire’s Dog Warden Service. You can also call on this service to report cruelty to dogs, and if you are struggling with your own and need help.

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